Allison Rebbert

In the ten minutes I observed Lyla’s new class this afternoon, I witnessed an older child (no older than 3 years, mind you) gently protect her head with his hand when she stood up under the climbing structure, patiently use words and signs to explain that she should wait to be served snack by a teacher instead of reaching into the community bowl, and politely excuse himself (physically and verbally) from the table to go help Lyla turn on the sink to wash her hands.

There is nothing more beautiful than an environment that nurtures the natural care we have for each other. I am so thankful for Lyla’s school and for the ability to witness such sweetness! She is so happy! We are so thrilled with her new environment and community. Even after witnessing my other girls grow at MCS, it is still amazing to watch such a young child quickly pick up the routines and norms…when I picked her up last week, she was eating snack. She was so eager and proud to show me her routine…she emptied the contents of her plate into the garbage, placed her bowl in the sink, pushed in her chair, and ran to the bathroom to wash her hands. I hope to be able to pop by and observe at other times!

Thanks again for all that you do,


Dr. Rebecca Barker

I just want to say that we LOVE puffins. it’s such a joy to see how happy my son is and I really appreciate all the wonderful work that Amanda, Katie and Furzon are doing! Also the Snack idea is SO awesome – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not bringing something every day!

Take care,
Dr. Rebecca Barker, Santa Cruz

The Jacoba Family

We would like for all of the teachers, Bill and Ms. Natalie to know how much we love and appreciate all of their hard work that they give the kids every day. Thanks!

Tien Lu Vo

Both of my kids so here, 2 and 4 years old. This preschool and daycare is one of the best in the area. As a parent of 2 boys born of Asian American background, I am very pleased with this school.

AWESOME teachers and curriculum with helpful and friendly staff. The only down side that I can see from a parent’s perspective is that it’s not diverse enough to represent the greater South Bay and not 5 minutes away from my home.

We wanted a place that would treat our children with respect, help them be self sufficient, learn to be a friend and a social member of our international community, and discover the joy of learning.

Their curriculum is based on the teaching philosophies of Maria Montessori. Be sure you understand her philosophy before coming to this school because you may not understand why things are the way they are in the classrooms. They are a certified Montessori school so you can expect their practices to adhere to Maria Montessori’s teaching philosophy.

Angelina Del Castello

Montessori Community School gives children an opportunity to grow and become there own successful person! I feel like often we are blinded by all the plastic toys and video games out there for children, when really the the things our children get the most satisfaction out of is mirroring and completing tasks just like you and I! In my opinion the school offers a beautiful, clean and safe environment where the children and adults work together with mutual respect and in what feels like its own little community.

Michelle Easterly

I’ve had experience with many preschools in raising my own child and Montessori Community School definitely stands out as the best. I have been highly involved in my nephew’s care since he was born and have been a key adult involved in choosing and overseeing his time at Montessori Community School. He’s been there for a full school year + two summer sessions. This summer will be his third summer session.


  1. The sense of community the children experience in the classroom is unparalleled. They help one another and generally give one another respect and support. The older kids really know how to (and enjoy) helping the younger ones. One would hope high-schoolers had such fluid and practiced community learning skills as the preschool kids at Montessori Community School.
  2. The kids really learn. This is a school, not a playgroup and not a daycare.
  3. They have lots of fun; my nephew talks animatedly about all the things he does at school. He is energetic, inspired and motivated about his school activities.
  4. The playground and outdoor activities are good. New equipment, growing plants and so on.
  5. The teachers take their job seriously; they have high levels of education themselves (e.g. Masters) and provide good advice to parents about school readiness. They are also really creative with the kids – getting them excited about learning things you would never believe such young kids could learn.
  6. Meals and snacks are provided and very healthful and good. Diapers can also be provided for the toddlers.
  7. The schools is IMMENSELY helpful with potty training.
  8. The entire school experience is very stable. The kids know what to expect and how to succeed and have a good time. It’s a great way for kids to learn to love school. Especially with the way life can get hectic with many kids in the family, parents’ jobs and just general mayhem, it’s good to know that preschool is so peaceful.
  9. While having clear rules and being willing to enforce them, the adminsitration is also flexibile in working out fair soltuions. Not all behaviors are acceptable from the kids and it’s necessary that forms be turned in and bills paid and so on. The administration will be firm about such things, but they are also willing to work out obstacles with families. This balance is difficult to find and maintain and we respect Montessori Community School for the job they’re doing in this.
  10. The kids learn their own power at this school. There is no religious undertones. It’s just he Montessori curriculum that encourages them to discover EVERYTHING. And they become very strong in their ability to confidently solve problems, and take initiative to learn and create. So fun to watch this empowerment developing and in action!

Be Aware: The school could do better on giving first impressions of warmth. As a long time parent at the school, I understand that my child is loved very much by the teachers and administrators. The dedication the staff and administration have shown to him is outstanding. He is both a joy and a challenge and they really work with him and the family to make sure positive progress is happening. They are kind, available, receptive to feedback. What they are not is gushing – “We’re SO happy to see you! Come let me give you a big hug!” are not things you hear are this school. They have other (very effective) ways of making kids (and parents) feel welcome, supported and cared for. So give them the benefit of the doubt on first impression. You will be glad you did. This school is unique and better than most. Give them the freedom to be a bit different, look past the surface and you will see it’s very special. The kids and families here are lucky — blessed by the experience.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to Montessori Community School for all the care you have given!

Shawn Henson

In January, I enrolled my three grandchildren (now ages 6 mo., 22 mo., and 3 years) at Montessori Community School. I had become an instant foster parent to my grandkids the month prior, and was looking for a quality preschool and childcare to place the children when I work. Montessori administration and the teachers made the transition very smooth for the chilren. The staff is highly qualified (many have Master’s Degrees), and it is evident they genuinely care about the children.

It has given me a grat peace of mind to know they are in good hands and are learning so much. The MCS staff has been responsive to meet my and the children’s needs. I didn’t know much about the Montessori philosophy when I first visited, but have come to really appreciate the skills that my children are learning at the school. I have been 100% satisfied with the care and education that the children have received.

Anna Paula Teepl

Understanding your need as a parent and the different learning methods is essential before you enroll your child in any school.

I researched for a while before I decided Montessori was right for me. When I first met Ms Suzanne (at the time head director of MCS), it was a mix of relief, comfort and happiness. Right then I knew there was no better place for my first born.

Today, both of my kids are there and I feel very lucky to have incredible teachers assisting them.

Monica and Suzanne brought me to a whole new level of understanding relative to their teaching practice. These two outstanding professionals inspire me on daily basis to be a better parent, their interpersonal skills and truly passionate commitment to the Montessori philosophy, provide me with constructive feedback, knowledge, and tools to raise good human beings.

One advice: get to know the teachers because they are the soul of the school.

Tiffany Gallup

We have twins – a boy and a girl with two completely different interests and learning styles. When we needed to make a change in schools we toured just about every pre-school/pre-k program in Scotts Valley and Los Gatos. Montessori Community School stood out far and above the rest….the qualifications of the staff…the facility…the safety…and the genuine sense of care and love of children was a combination that I did not find at any other school.

I admit I didn’t know much about the “Montessori Method” when we made the decision – and even now – still have to admit some pretty significant ignorance…so I can’t speak to the method itself – I can just share the impact Montessori – and Montessori Community School in particular – has had in our lives.

My two very different kids have each discovered the joy of learning…one that has come with a level of pride in their own accomplishments – their own discoveries. In our previous school I used to hear “Miss ___ taught me….” – and now I hear “I learned….” There is something about that subtle difference that has brought a level of confidence and willingness to try and discover new things that is truly remarkable. Their level of curiosity has increased – and spans such wide areas it is amazing.

For my son – this environment has translated into a longer attention span and increased follow through. He also doesn’t seem to get frustrated as often when he doesn’t get it right the first time – instead just tries again. For my daughter, the environment has brought out a confidence to try new things, to discover her individuality, and be her own advocate.

As siblings, it is amazing to see them bring this home – and share with each other their discoveries. It seems to motivate each of them to try new and different things the next day – and come back and talk to each other (and us) about it.

Just this pure and simple joy of learning and wanting to share that learning that isn’t left in the classroom.

I was initially concerned because I was used to a more “cheerleading” type style for this age – which I really didn’t see or hear from the staff. Yet I’ve come to find out, though the style of the staff and Montessori Community School may be subtle – the depth of feeling, the care, and the love are just as deep…and they are felt by me and, more importantly, felt by my children.

I’m grateful for Montessori Community School and so excited about seeing how this amazing foundation they have helped our children build will translate through the rest of their lives.

Sara Smith

I have been a MCS parent since the summer of 2005, when my first child needed a program change from SV Children’s Center. My second child is currently enrolled in the primary classroom of SVM. First off, I will say the Montessori is not for everyone, much like public school does not meet all of the needs of the children it serves. There are some tremendous pluses to SVM that should be seriously considered and reflected upon before writing either a bad review or writing a whole year tuition check.


  • MCS is entirely focused on hiring and retaining the best qualified and most experienced teaching staff that are AMI certified. While turnover is not fun for anyone, it is expected in the course of the educational hiring process…not all teacher personalities fit the given school. Please remember that most of the head teachers have Bachelor’s degrees or MAster’s degrees as their highest degree attained. These teachers are not run of the mill 12 ECE credit teachers…They are the real deal. To my knowledge, all of the assistants are AMI certified and some are going for their Master’s degrees in Montessori method.
  • The school is clean and organized. I have been involved in MCS for 7 years and their organizational structure and cleanliness are not to be surpassed. Bill Tershey, while not an educator by trade, he is incredibly focused on the education of the whole child and the smooth running, both curricurally and financially/business of the school. He is professional in attitude and intra-personal interaction. During this past year, in response to parent’s desiring for a hot lunch program, he researched, instituted and delivered a comprehensive school lunch program that is both wholesome, organic, varied and occasionally vegetarian. This was a HUGE deal for me as I hate dealing with the packing of 4 lunches for the following day.
  • The curriculum and school culture foster independence within the child. This is probably the hardest thing for most parents to deal with who are not familiar with Maria Montessori and her methodology. The curriculum really pushes students to embrace (in the beginning) solitary problem solving and working towards proficiency, which then transitions into a peer teaching model where students across grade levels and proficiency levels are then helping or teaching their less- familiar peers. The coldness that some reviewers write of may be attributed to the ultra-professional teaching attitude that is embibed in the classroom. This does not mean that it is not nurturing or loving but it does mean that it is NOT a substitute for you and your partner. MCS never will attempt to be huggy or kissy in the hopes of demonstrating your parental love…it is not appropriate for the emotional and social setting. This does not mean that they do not care…THEY DO CARE!!!, but it is gauged appropriately for the “work” setting. If you are looking for a nurse-maid or a parental substitute, than this is not the school for you. If you want your children to be loved, independent, thoughtful, critical analyzers and lovers of learning, than this IS the school for you.

As an educator myself, with a MA in teaching and an MA in Progressive Leadership and 12 years of classroom experience, I wholeheartedly stand behind MCS.