Toddler Program

Girl with chicky
Our Toddler class, serves children from 18 months of age through three years. For this age group, we offer half day and full day programs four days and five days a week. Specially designed materials and activities that meet the toddler’s interest in movement, independence, order, language, and music fill our Toddler room. Toddler-sized furniture and materials enable our children to confidently succeed in their explorations and endeavors, assisting them in their pursuits for independence.

Each activity includes at least three phases: first, taking the work to a table or floor mat, second, engaging and eventually mastering the task chosen, and third, putting the work away again. Practical Life activities and manipulative materials make up the majority of the activities available to our Puffins. Practical Life activities isolate every-day activities so that children can master the tasks necessary to grow into independent beings. The button frame, for example, allows children to learn to button with grace and ease. More examples of Practical Life activities include sponge squeezing, spooning, and pouring rice or water. The classroom activities are designed for independent activity, so children learn to wait their turn or find another activity, and they begin to cooperate in a social environment.

As you will see in the daily schedule, the Toddlers enjoy an almost equal amount of time indoors and outdoors to offer them ample opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor movements. Language is also a constant activity as children learn new words, expressions, and grace and courtesy lessons every day. For meal times, the Toddlers sit together each morning for a group fruit salad, and again at noon for a family-style lunch

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